Triple winning in Germany

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After stormy race in Slovakia, Dobšinsky kopec, the time came for a very important race in Germany – Glasbachrennen. This was a very important race for Tempo racing team because after the 3rd place in Slovakia, on the FIA EHCC list of general classification, Nikola dropped to second place with 3 points difference compared to the Austrian Schweiger .

To be able to bring back the leading position in Europe and catch up championship points difference, the team was not allowed to make any mistakes. Car had to be completely prepared for the race, especially after the first accident Nikola had in Slovakia. On the way to the race, the team stopped at 4turbo company in Poland so the best performances would be pulled out of Mitsubishi Lancer. Prepared for the race, the team arrived at Steinbach on 5.5 km long track.

On Saturday there were 2 training, and on Sunday 3 races , of which two are scored better. Each ride Nikola finished in first place, both races and trainings. The weekend ended with a win and a 1.8 seconds difference compared to the runner-up Italian Antionino Migliuolo.

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