The victory in ex „Juga“

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It seems like there is a tradition for Tempo racing team that nothing can start or to be finished in the easy way but only with a great effor. This race was not different.

Slovenia – Ilirska Bistrica. 5.01 km long track. The weekend started with two Saturday trainings which Nikola finished in the second place by driving in well-known „smart“ way, saving his true skill for the race. As the end of season was coming the certainty that Nikola will won the Championship of Europe was growing bigger. The car was already completely checked on the previous races, it was „clean“, there was nothing that could to affect on the driver’s talent… How to minimize Nikola’s chances to win the title?

Saturday. By well-known rule drivers are being informed to prepare for the start. Only this time Tempo racing team was informed to late. The car is with no wheels, the driver is not dressed and the start of the training is just in a few minutes. With approval of authorized persons and driving in normal speed Nikola went round the line in the pre start. He started and finished the training. Then the call came. The Austrian commissioner demanded that Nikola be disqualified and be prevented from participating in the Sunday race for allegedly speeding through the box and going around the line, even though it was approved by judges and the squad. Thanks to a man, or better said a friend from Croatia Marin Ferlan, Nikola wasn’t disqualified but received a minimal fine and he was allowed to participate in the race, because the disqualification was certainly not a way to neglect someone’s efforts during the whole season.

Was it a coincidence or an intention that the request for disqualification arrived from the Austrian commissioner, while in the race for the title was the Austrian driver, will be left for consideration.

Sunday came, the team is on the needles. Once again, the success of the entire season is on the edge and could be immediately destroyed. However, Nikola is known for his focus. When he starts his machine, they unite, everything else becomes irrelevant. The first race win, the second race win. The team fought this time with all their might to resist the problems and succeed in it, the cup is ready to go home.


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