The last fights for EHCC

By October 21, 2015 News No Comments

After the accident in Slovakia, it was a tough fight to prepare everything for last race. Special help was given by friends from Poland Grzegorz Duda and DUDA Motorsport.

The first race was in Switzerland, where Nikola achieved the third position with borrowed tires from Mikica Vesnić. The penultimate race in season 2015 was Slovenia. Nikola was on the third position when new misfortune befall him. Problems with gearbox. Presence in Buzet was questioned. Meanwhile, the Tempo racing team and Real Motorsport have not stop fighting. The vehicle was brought into proper condition. Thereby, Nikola has got a new chance to gain the medal of the last race in season 2015. And he has. He has brought silver medal home.

The first round of EHCC competitions was hard but joyful.  Every sport has its ups and downs, which have to be surmounted. Nikola did it, the team did it. With gained experience from the first round, next season of EHCC competitions is well expected.

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