Sweet as Swiss chocolate

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Again Nikola has defeated the Italian Antonin Migliuolo. However … this was still the sweetest victory so far.

After a strenuous road, which Tempo racing team had to “flown” to arrive to Switzerland at all, an equally strenuous weekend was yet to come.

As always, during the Saturday training Nikola was driving very smart so he could prepare himself for Sunday race the best he can. Then the morning came. Delay of the race due to the accidents of the other competitors, impatience before the start. All this didn’t stop Nikola of staying focused, which he succeeded. Two races, two victories. But, this still was not the end of the day. Our crew was informed by techical commission, that our competitor the Italian Antonino Migliuolo had entered a plea on the correctness of our vehicle. There was an „opening“. The only explanation of how some kid could be faster than the champion of Italy was that the car wasn’t according to the homologation, or to be precise, that the catalyzer was missing, since everything else was already checked during other competitions. The checkup lasted until late in the evening. Of course it was proven that everything is absolutely correct. Nikola won 2 cups, for the victory in the group and in the class. As „pure“ driver he had brought one more victory for Serbia. There are 2 more races until the end of the season, Slovenia and Croatia.


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