Nikola on the Iberian Peninsula

During the first two weeks of May, Nikola and Tempo racing team spent their time on the Iberian Peninsula. Races: Rampa da Falperra i Subida Internacional al Fito were driven two weekends in a row.

The first race was in Portugal, where previous year, Nikola took the second place. Unlike last year’s experience of Portugal with constant sunny days, during this season racing weekend the rain did not stop.

Race track is 5.2 km long, with 233 registered competitors. On Saturday there were driven 2 trainings and 1 race, and on Sunday 1 training and 2 races. Competitors started in reversed order, from the largest to the smallest starting number.

Nikola first practice started very calculated, remembering the track. He was driving on old tires –slicks, as the rain ceased to fall in the moments when it was most needed so it was very difficult to decide which tires team should set. He finished first training on the second position. This was followed by the first race at which Nikola outclassed competitors. He drove far better than more experienced drivers, who drive even stronger class than him. With the car Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX , prepared in the service Real Motorsport, Nikola won the first position in the first race.

Due to variable weather conditions, Nikola decided to drive on rain tires, however, those were the same tires he drove on the previous race in Austria.

Also, due to rain and flooded parts of the race track, delays were often as and protests of Formula drivers which, due to unexpected weather situation could not finish the race without any accident.

Sunday came. During the third training, Nikola was excellent and he finishes in the first place. The situation heated up and Nikola was ready for the two remaining races.

He takes another victory in the second race. The third race was also decisive. Although, during the first race Nikola outclassed opponents in bad weather, on Sunday sun began to shine before the third race, which would mean that the two better times will be counted, and therefore a Saturday victory does not count in the overall standings. Because of the remaining flooded parts on the track, all competitors used the rain tires, which was Nikola’s fifth time on the same tires. Despite the two wins, the third race Nikola loses to Italy’s record holder in 0.28 seconds.

Sve ukupni rezultati Portugal Orlando photo Portugal NM 2016 (13)

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