Exciting in Slovakia

Although it was European Hill Climb Championship, it doesn’t necessarily mean it all will go by the rules. The first race of Dobshynski Kopec was being constantly postponed because of the bad weather, though it was supposed to start at 9 am. Drivers were sitting in the cars, waiting for the rain to stop. The entire organization was late and there was even a possibility to cancel the race. However, in the end it was decided that only one race will run. As he knew that this was his only chance to win a good position, Nikola gave his best, however, very slippery slope and accident during the first run , have led him to finish in 4th position. Just when the team thought it was all over, they found out that the second race will be held , and that they have less than half an hour to fix the car. They tried with all their efforts to set the car. At the very beginning in the second race driver Stanislav Krivak, from the Group NP3-2000 had an accident. The oil was spilled on the track and the time needed to purify the path was just enough for ” Tempo racing team” to fix the car. Nikola drove his best ride with misplaced gear and took second place in the second race . Overall, with this race he went to the third position, same as Schweiger in group A. They continue to share the leading position in the overall standings in the Category 1.


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