Championship title award in Oviedo

By December 10, 2016 News No Comments

The champion title of the European Hill Climb Championship after unreal season and 12 races finally came to Serbia. Nikola and Tempo racing team had traveled all over Europe and won 8 races, taking 3 second and 1 third place, and thus ending each race on the winner’s podium. Through what the team went, only the team members know.

After strenuous race year, it was time to put the crown for the entire season. In the Spanish Oviedo, at the La Reconquista Hotel was organized the title awarding of champions in Hill Climb tracks where Nikola was awarded with the title for the best driver on the “Hill” by the FIA ​​(World Automobile Federation). With the family Nikola received his title, and later celebrated with the closest ones in the Yugoslavia Hotel.




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