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Championship title award in Oviedo

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The champion title of the European Hill Climb Championship after unreal season and 12 races finally came to Serbia. Nikola and Tempo racing team had traveled all over Europe and won 8 races, taking 3 second and 1 third place, and thus ending each race on the winner’s podium. Through what the team went, only the team members know.

After strenuous race year, it was time to put the crown for the entire season. In the Spanish Oviedo, at the La Reconquista Hotel was organized the title awarding of champions in Hill Climb tracks where Nikola was awarded with the title for the best driver on the “Hill” by the FIA ​​(World Automobile Federation). With the family Nikola received his title, and later celebrated with the closest ones in the Yugoslavia Hotel.




Historical success of the Serbian champion in Buzet

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Young Belgrader Nikola Miljkovic has once again moved the borders of Serbia’s auto sport. Formerly the youngest double champion of Serbia, and now the champion of Europe on the mountain paths.

The last race of the season in the European Hill Climb Championship took place in Buzet, on track 5.001 km long. Nikola didn’t miss his chance to write a history. Winning the Croatian track he became the youngest winner of renowned competition. He left behind a number of experienced and high-quality European drivers behind him, despite the bumps and problems that were following him in the footsteps. Due to the insolent spirit and great driving, Nikola gained and deserved respect throughout Europe.

Winning in Buzet, Croatia, with a mere 21 years of age, he won the sixth title in his career, this time European.

The season began in April, when Nikola took his first victory in France, setting the record in his group. He continued with victories in Austria, Spain, Czech Republic… From the beginning of the season of the European Hill Climb Championship he drove 12 races and won 12 stands, from which he took 8 first places, 3 second and 1 third. The main competitors were champions of: Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia… This championship is conceived so that the drivers are divided into groups in which they battle for victory, and in general placement they score together. After the first race of the season and the win in Slovenia, Nikola was in the lead 7 points against Austrian Kristian Schweiger. He came to Buzet to win the title. The goal for Nikola was to win in the class, which would ensure victory in the general placement.

Already at the first practice, played on Saturday, Nikola was dominant in relation to his competitors, and continued to dominate during the second Saturday’s practice.

Sunday. The first race. Nikola came to the track with confidence and brought to his team the first win. At the end of the racing, the rain hit Buzet. The second race was driven on the wet track, at 17:00 Nikola started safely from the start and with the time 3: 02,525 arrived to win in his class and to the title of the champion in the European Hill Climb Championship. He also became the youngest champion.

The result he did was not written in the history of mountain auto sports. Nikola is far from someone who had a budget for the entire season, but with the help of his family, friends and a couple of sponsors, he ended the season as the youngest mountain champion in Europe ever. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 set records for the first two races of the season. Nikola spent the season sleeping in a van with the rest of the team, but more interesting he had also trained with the same van, with the steering wheel on the right.


The victory in ex „Juga“

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It seems like there is a tradition for Tempo racing team that nothing can start or to be finished in the easy way but only with a great effor. This race was not different.

Slovenia – Ilirska Bistrica. 5.01 km long track. The weekend started with two Saturday trainings which Nikola finished in the second place by driving in well-known „smart“ way, saving his true skill for the race. As the end of season was coming the certainty that Nikola will won the Championship of Europe was growing bigger. The car was already completely checked on the previous races, it was „clean“, there was nothing that could to affect on the driver’s talent… How to minimize Nikola’s chances to win the title?

Saturday. By well-known rule drivers are being informed to prepare for the start. Only this time Tempo racing team was informed to late. The car is with no wheels, the driver is not dressed and the start of the training is just in a few minutes. With approval of authorized persons and driving in normal speed Nikola went round the line in the pre start. He started and finished the training. Then the call came. The Austrian commissioner demanded that Nikola be disqualified and be prevented from participating in the Sunday race for allegedly speeding through the box and going around the line, even though it was approved by judges and the squad. Thanks to a man, or better said a friend from Croatia Marin Ferlan, Nikola wasn’t disqualified but received a minimal fine and he was allowed to participate in the race, because the disqualification was certainly not a way to neglect someone’s efforts during the whole season.

Was it a coincidence or an intention that the request for disqualification arrived from the Austrian commissioner, while in the race for the title was the Austrian driver, will be left for consideration.

Sunday came, the team is on the needles. Once again, the success of the entire season is on the edge and could be immediately destroyed. However, Nikola is known for his focus. When he starts his machine, they unite, everything else becomes irrelevant. The first race win, the second race win. The team fought this time with all their might to resist the problems and succeed in it, the cup is ready to go home.


Sweet as Swiss chocolate

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Again Nikola has defeated the Italian Antonin Migliuolo. However … this was still the sweetest victory so far.

After a strenuous road, which Tempo racing team had to “flown” to arrive to Switzerland at all, an equally strenuous weekend was yet to come.

As always, during the Saturday training Nikola was driving very smart so he could prepare himself for Sunday race the best he can. Then the morning came. Delay of the race due to the accidents of the other competitors, impatience before the start. All this didn’t stop Nikola of staying focused, which he succeeded. Two races, two victories. But, this still was not the end of the day. Our crew was informed by techical commission, that our competitor the Italian Antonino Migliuolo had entered a plea on the correctness of our vehicle. There was an „opening“. The only explanation of how some kid could be faster than the champion of Italy was that the car wasn’t according to the homologation, or to be precise, that the catalyzer was missing, since everything else was already checked during other competitions. The checkup lasted until late in the evening. Of course it was proven that everything is absolutely correct. Nikola won 2 cups, for the victory in the group and in the class. As „pure“ driver he had brought one more victory for Serbia. There are 2 more races until the end of the season, Slovenia and Croatia.


Triple winning in Germany

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After stormy race in Slovakia, Dobšinsky kopec, the time came for a very important race in Germany – Glasbachrennen. This was a very important race for Tempo racing team because after the 3rd place in Slovakia, on the FIA EHCC list of general classification, Nikola dropped to second place with 3 points difference compared to the Austrian Schweiger .

To be able to bring back the leading position in Europe and catch up championship points difference, the team was not allowed to make any mistakes. Car had to be completely prepared for the race, especially after the first accident Nikola had in Slovakia. On the way to the race, the team stopped at 4turbo company in Poland so the best performances would be pulled out of Mitsubishi Lancer. Prepared for the race, the team arrived at Steinbach on 5.5 km long track.

On Saturday there were 2 training, and on Sunday 3 races , of which two are scored better. Each ride Nikola finished in first place, both races and trainings. The weekend ended with a win and a 1.8 seconds difference compared to the runner-up Italian Antionino Migliuolo.

Rezultati sa trka redosled


Nemačka EHCC 2016

Exciting in Slovakia

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Although it was European Hill Climb Championship, it doesn’t necessarily mean it all will go by the rules. The first race of Dobshynski Kopec was being constantly postponed because of the bad weather, though it was supposed to start at 9 am. Drivers were sitting in the cars, waiting for the rain to stop. The entire organization was late and there was even a possibility to cancel the race. However, in the end it was decided that only one race will run. As he knew that this was his only chance to win a good position, Nikola gave his best, however, very slippery slope and accident during the first run , have led him to finish in 4th position. Just when the team thought it was all over, they found out that the second race will be held , and that they have less than half an hour to fix the car. They tried with all their efforts to set the car. At the very beginning in the second race driver Stanislav Krivak, from the Group NP3-2000 had an accident. The oil was spilled on the track and the time needed to purify the path was just enough for ” Tempo racing team” to fix the car. Nikola drove his best ride with misplaced gear and took second place in the second race . Overall, with this race he went to the third position, same as Schweiger in group A. They continue to share the leading position in the overall standings in the Category 1.


Poland- 2nd position

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The 7th race of the FIA EHCC took place in Poland, to be accurate Limanowa, on the race track 5.493 km long. Saturday was scheduled for 2 Free practice and 2 Official practice, and Sunday for 1 practice and 2 races.

This time Tempo racing team has went to the race fully prepared and with the training car. Nikola skipped the first free practice because of the rain. This was followed by the 2 official practice on which he was very successful leaving the competition with 4 seconds behind.

During the first Sunday race Nikola repeated the excellent ride and madea two -second difference.

However, along with a lack of focus, on the second Sunday race Nikola took 3rd place so the sum of times of the first and the second race placed him on the second position and Antonino Migliuolo won. In the general standingsof  Category 1 , the situation is unchanged. Nikola continues to share leadership position with Christian Schweiger who also finished as second in Class A 3000+.

Next race is taking place in Slovakia, where Nikola had an accident last year. The fight for the title of European champion continues.

Druga trka NM Limanowa EHCC 2016 (11)


2nd in Italy

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This weekend, thanks to Ravenol, Tempo racing team participated on the race in the Ascoli, city in Italy. Saturday was scheduled for 2 practice, and Sunday for 2 races. On the race track 5.031 km long was registered 225 competitors. This was the home ground of Italian Antonino Migliuolo who is driving with Nikola in the class and with whom Nikola leads the fight from the start of the season. During the both Saturday trainings Nikola drove very wisely especially since it was his first time to drive this track, so he finished in 3rd place. On Sunday he lowered his time for 10 seconds but it wasn’t enough to beat the host.  On this race Nikola takes 18 points, and as the half-season rejects the weakest parts of the six races, Nikola shares first place in the overall standings with Christian Schweiger who won this race in Group A. At half-season , in addition to the permanent team sponsors: Ravenol Serbia , SELP turbo service, Auto Center Tadić , Sugar and Spice and, joined the famous Zlatiborac.

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Birthday victory in Czech Republic

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It seemed so unreal that besides many hosts, a champion who has just turned 21, sport pride and young ambassador of Serbia, can win the Czech Hill. But that was what actually happened! Nikola has mastered 7.8km long track enough to win multiple champion of Slovakia Peter Jurena , who is 47 years old and who was European champion in 2007 .

Nikola won for 0.28 seconds, for the same time difference that he lost in Portugal. There were 2 trainings and 2 races that he finished for 7:04,020 and in that way increased his advantage on the FIA EHCC list of the overall championship in the Category 1. In Group N there were 13 competitors.

After finished race in Czech Republic, team brought 5 cups for winning in Class N + 3000, for the race that was scored for the Championship of Europe, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Poland. Nikola’s biggest rival, the champion of Italy had no luck in Czech Republic and had an engine failure. During this failure, oil was spilled along few hundred meters of the track so the race had to be postponed until the race track was cleaned and safe for driving. Antonino Migliuolo was the only one in Class N that managed to beat Nikola once. The next race will take part on his home ground, in Italy, in the Ascoli city on the 22nd of June in 2016.

This is Nikola’s 4th victory from the beginning of the season and 5th race in total. There are 7 races left until the end of the Championship.

NM Češka EHCC 2016 (6)

“El Loco” Spanish favourite

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After rainy days in Portugal and predicted rain in Spain sun was shining. Before the team came to Ariondas they prepared the car for the race on kart track in Braga. Schedule for training and race was the same as in Portugal: 2 trainings and 1 race on Saturday and 2 races on Sunday. As usual 2 of the best results are taken for final placement. We have to remind you that our ace is the leading in the Category 1, in which riders of Group A and Group N compete. Because of the drastic difference in performance and technical details these groups are scored separately, but points of the competitors are entered in the common list of general order. The current situation is on Nikola’s side, who leads in the general ranking with 68 points. Currently, the most important victory is over the Italian Antonino Migliuolo in its class N and win of a maximum of 25 points (on FITO takes several Spaniards in the class N), and how the two of them are equal showed the final race in Portugal, when the Italian took a minimal victory. However , in the number of triumph Nikola is still better than the champion of Italy. Saturday was finished with 3 first places on 2 trainings and 1 race. Because of the Sunday morning rain and due to lack of the rain tires, Nikola did not drive the last training, but kept the car for the remaining two races. In the second race he took another first place, while in the third and in the last second place. In the sum of the best times Nikola ended the Spanish corrida in 6 : 14.669 on the championship podium.

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