Birthday victory in Czech Republic

It seemed so unreal that besides many hosts, a champion who has just turned 21, sport pride and young ambassador of Serbia, can win the Czech Hill. But that was what actually happened! Nikola has mastered 7.8km long track enough to win multiple champion of Slovakia Peter Jurena , who is 47 years old and who was European champion in 2007 .

Nikola won for 0.28 seconds, for the same time difference that he lost in Portugal. There were 2 trainings and 2 races that he finished for 7:04,020 and in that way increased his advantage on the FIA EHCC list of the overall championship in the Category 1. In Group N there were 13 competitors.

After finished race in Czech Republic, team brought 5 cups for winning in Class N + 3000, for the race that was scored for the Championship of Europe, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Poland. Nikola’s biggest rival, the champion of Italy had no luck in Czech Republic and had an engine failure. During this failure, oil was spilled along few hundred meters of the track so the race had to be postponed until the race track was cleaned and safe for driving. Antonino Migliuolo was the only one in Class N that managed to beat Nikola once. The next race will take part on his home ground, in Italy, in the Ascoli city on the 22nd of June in 2016.

This is Nikola’s 4th victory from the beginning of the season and 5th race in total. There are 7 races left until the end of the Championship.

NM Češka EHCC 2016 (6)

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