Nikola Miljković

Race car driver


My name is Nikola Miljkovic. I was born on 02.06.1995. in Belgrade. My entire life is related to the auto-sport, because my father was also a race car driver. Since my early days, I spent my time watching auto racing. When i was three years old, I was sitting in my dad’s race car, and I often slept in it. I could hardly wait to learn to write, but also to begin driving a race kart.

I spent my childhood on the kart track “Ada Huja” in Belgrade, which is located a few hundred meters from my house. Of course I became their mascot, and later one of the workers at the track. On this track, I met Vlada Stojić Debeli, who became my mentor and support. I started to compete with less than ten years of age, and so it was until I was sixteen. During this period, I was vice-champion three times in different categories. In December 2010 came my first race car. It was a car that was previously driven by my godfather and it stood in the garage inactive for two years.

In January 2011 began my racing career (karting was replaced by a Yugo). My father, ever since the kart days, was always getting me used to prepare my vehicle for the competition, of course, with the advice of some experts. Unlike the karts, here my father could be of great help considering his vast experience and knowledge. Great help with Yugo racing came from my mentor Miško Trovač, with whom I had great relationship, as i was his apprentice for a few years. By the beginning of my first race of the season we formed a small team that is with me since then. The members of the team are my father, my mechanic Mirko and my mentor Miško Trovač and of course our cameraman Miodrag Medenica. The service and the support of my family was very important to me.

The first race I drove was a race Lopare in Bosnia. At that moment I was fifteen and eleven months. We trained and prepared for the race a lot, and as a result I won, in my first race ever. I felt really great because everything was rather unexpected. After the race I performed in a series of competitions during the 2011 season, so in the end I had competed in 9 races. On the mountain trails race at Tara I won the championship and became the youngest champion in the auto-sport in this region.

The most impressive race was certainly a circular race at Batajnica where I fought for the title. Vehicles are double race and the first competition I finished second. I had already taken the lead in the championship, but on Sunday the second competition we drove in the reverse order, so I started from ninth position. The race was fantastic, with lots of good competition but I managed to win. In this way I was able to unite titles and the circle on the hill and in his debut season with sixteen years.

As a result of this success, we got a sponsor for the next season, I bought a new car, a Honda Civic TypeR. With this car in the 2012 season I competed in 9 mountain races, the race of round 5 and 3 rally races. At the end of the season I became a champion on mountain trails, vice-champion of the circular, bun in rally, unfortunately due to the breakdown in SerbianRally, I left without a medal. In addition to the good moments, i experienced a few bad ones, in Banja Luka on a circular race on my seventeenth birthday my engine broke down.

During 2013 we drove in CEZ championship, in order to obtain the highest possible experience that is necessary for the season of 2014, so when I am eighteen years old, I can perform on the upland European Championships. Same year, I won “Golden helmet” for three titles in row.

Year 2014. was also reserved for CEZ championship so European debut had to wait until next year. During this year I become FIA Ambassador for Serbia, as one of 25 best youngest drivers in Europe.

The great thing is that the auto-sport in former republics of YU took a big step forward towards the creation of a joint championship, so in the previous year, on the mountain trails that were qualifications for the Cup SNC, I gained new friends from other countries. I am glad that the Serbian championship cooperative so that they allow the drivers from other countries to compete. It is my desire to compete against the top drivers regardless of which country they come from.

During the winter 2014 we were preparing for ETCC and with help of company Euro Petrol we purchased Seat Leon Supercopa which was one of the most competitive car in this championship, but rules were changed and our car could not perform in ETCC.

Supported by Real Motorsport team we were able to perform in EHCC, where I have won fourth place in championship. I was on of the youngest competitors and the only representative from Serbia.

My goal for 2016 is to win same championship.

Two years in row, we are supported by biggest portal in Serbia which is only specialized portal for car, motorcycle and go kart racing in Serbia and region.