2nd place in Portugal!

Nikola Miljkovic brought us new medal from Portugal. He has won 2nd place in well-known Hill Climb race Rampa Internacional Falperra.

During the weekend there were three races. Nikola achieved two times second position, but on the third race driver has won first place.

On 1st Sunday race Nikola was driving 2:22,86, he was 1 second slower than Igor Stefanovski  (2:21,854). But with time from the 2nd race, the youngest driver has accomplished 4th time in class N 3000+ on this path ever.  Later, during that day on the third and last race Nikola with 2:23,689 won first place in his class.

First four best results in class N3000+:

1. PREK (SLO) 2:19,546                     2011

2. BORKOVIĆ (SRB) 2:21,579           2011

3 STEFANOVSKI (MKD) 2:21,728  2014

4 MILJKOVIĆ  (SRB) 2:22,758         2015

NM 11 Rampa da Falperra 2015 (2)NM 11 Rampa da Falperra 2015 (1)

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