2nd in Italy

This weekend, thanks to Ravenol, Tempo racing team participated on the race in the Ascoli, city in Italy. Saturday was scheduled for 2 practice, and Sunday for 2 races. On the race track 5.031 km long was registered 225 competitors. This was the home ground of Italian Antonino Migliuolo who is driving with Nikola in the class and with whom Nikola leads the fight from the start of the season. During the both Saturday trainings Nikola drove very wisely especially since it was his first time to drive this track, so he finished in 3rd place. On Sunday he lowered his time for 10 seconds but it wasn’t enough to beat the host.  On this race Nikola takes 18 points, and as the half-season rejects the weakest parts of the six races, Nikola shares first place in the overall standings with Christian Schweiger who won this race in Group A. At half-season , in addition to the permanent team sponsors: Ravenol Serbia , SELP turbo service, Auto Center Tadić , Sugar and Spice and 4turbo.pl, joined the famous Zlatiborac.

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